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Ariel Malik

Ariel Malik: “We contribute to atmosphere pollution without noticing”

Ariel Malik, entrepreneur and green energy expert believes that each of us “contributes” our part to environmental air pollution and global warming. Yes, even those of us who try to make an effort and conserve (for example, recycling waste and more) are not always aware that almost every daily action involves carbon dioxide or greenhouse gas emissions. The good news is that nearly everything has a greener solution.

Ariel Malik: “We can convert almost every daily activity into a greener activity. For example, every time you turn on electricity at home – light, air conditioner, etc., burns more fuel in power plants (you know the smoke billowing from the power plants in Hadera, for example? So try to turn it on. The air conditioner is on an average temperature, not too low and not too high. Choose an intelligent apartment where solar panels produce the heating on the roof and not by an electric heater; this will also save you the electricity bill in the winter. Open the windows and let the sunlight in instead of turning on the light.

Ariel Malik

As little fire as possible (for example, in Lag BaOmer), and be sure to consume natural foods. Processed food is unhealthy and a source of air pollution, as it is produced in processes that emit greenhouse gases. Recycle bottles and waste – it’s accessible and easy.

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