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Ariel Malik

What is green Hydrogen? Interview with Ariel Malik

The State of Israel, like many countries in the world, remembered a little late to act on the issue of the climate problems created as a result of environmental pollution. Still, at least at the moment, there is a document of intentions and some critical actions planned on the burning issue of global warming. Part of the list is to switch to green Hydrogen.

Ariel Malik, an expert in green energy and entrepreneur, asks what the difference between ordinary Hydrogen and green Hydrogen is.
Ariel Malik: “Hydrogen is a substance that can be converted into electricity or fuel, and it can be produced in several options: ordinary Hydrogen is extracted from coal, and in the process of its production, millions of tons of carbon dioxide were emitted, which caused enormous destruction to the earth. Therefore, the demand of nature and environmental organizations obliges all factories to switch to green Hydrogen.


And what is green Hydrogen?
Ariel Malik: “Green Hydrogen is a substance created through water electrolysis, without the emission of greenhouse gases so that it can be used more safely for the ball. This year we are witnessing the green hydrogen revolution, hoping that all the countries will switch to green use as much as possible because not every industry allows it right now.”

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