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Ariel Malik

Ariel Malik – Why is it worth switching to an electric car by the end of 2022?

Many drivers dream of eliminating their dependence on fuel once and for all, and rightfully so, given the rise in fuel prices. Fortunately for them, probably in the coming years, this dream will come true, with a relatively rich import of electric cars to Israel, some of which can already be seen on the road. It is expected that by the end of 2022, there will be about 30,000 hybrid cars in Israel, when the buyers’ need exceeds the importers’ ability to supply the goods. In other words, thousands more disappointed drivers will not be able to purchase the desired electric vehicle this year.

Ariel Malik

An electric car’s price is higher than a regular one’s, and stands at 200,000 NIS on average. The question arises, is it worth switching to an electric car despite its high price? According to Ariel Malik, it is definitely yes, and it is desirable to do so this year. Ariel Malik: “Beyond the fact that a hybrid car reduces the carbon emissions to a minimum and its “refueling” is cheap, the purchase tax on it is currently very low – only 10%. But pay attention to this: from 2023 the purchase tax will rise to 20%, and from 2024 it will rise to 35%.”

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